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(November 1, 2013 – Greensboro, North Carolina)

Jack Worsham, founder of Intertech Corporation has announced the formation of a new, wholly owned subsidiary, 21st CENTURY PRODUCTS INC.

The new company formally began operations on November 1, 2013 and will share offices with Intertech Corp at its Greensboro location.

21st CENTURY PRODUCTS INC will combine the three consumer brands formerly marketed under the Intertech name, as well as introduce over time, several new products conceived and designed by Mr. Worsham. In addition to the established brands, several new products are in the developmental stages with the first, the EZGO Walker Ball, planned for a late-2013 introduction.

The three existing products, FUNBALL Ballpool Balls, The GIGGLEPLAY GAZEBO, and the HYGENIE BALLWASHER/BALLMOVER represent the highest standards of quality and design present in the indoor recreational industry.

FUNBALL has been on the world market for over 15 years, and is the safest, strongest, and most durable ballpool balls available. They are made in the USA, at Intertech’s facilities in Greensboro. Aside from commercial recreational use, many schools, charities and institutions have used the FUNBALL, which comes in an array of colors, to create interactive thematic displays for major events and holidays.

GIGGLEPLAY GAZEBOS™ are the only self-contained soft play ball pits available on the market that features GermBLOCK™ antimicrobial ball protection, and offer safe, affordable fun for families, schools and recreational centers for children up to six years old. GigglePlay™ Gazebos have a high standard of construction and are good for many years of use. , GigglePlay™ Gazebos can also be enjoyed outdoors.

Ballpools offer a safe and engaging activity for children of all ages (and some adults) in indoor recreational facilities. The HYGENIE BALLWASHING MACHINE makes the ball cleaning process part of the fun, with some models offering children and interactive opportunity to start cleaning by throwing balls into a target, and watching as the balls are cycled through the cleaning process and returned to the play area through transparent tubes. The best-selling model of the HYGENIE comes with antimicrobial detergent, ultraviolet light and rotating brushes that scrubs the entire surface and removes 99.8 percent bacteria and other germs found on unwashed balls. (Certified by independent laboratories.)

For more details, please visit the websites for each product:




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